Dell S2417DG 165Hz – 24’’ g-sync Gaming Monitor Review

Dell S2417DG

Hey guys in this review we’re going to be checking best g-sync monitor you can buy right now i made this review based on my personal opinion and hours of research and i’ve reviewed it based on performance features and price. Let’s get started review on Dell S2417DG 165Hz G-sync Monitor.

Dell S2417DG  24’’ Gaming Monitor:

The dell gaming monitor Dell S2417DG 165Hz this is our best budget g-sync monitor. If you’re a gamer on a budget. Looking for one of the cheapest g-sync monitors that will introduce you to the incredible refresh rates and gaming performance at a great price. Then the dell gaming monitor 24 inch is one of the most affordable options for you.

Description Dell S2417DG:

The dell provides a solid entry-level experience with decent visuals and impressive refresh rates that has gamers excited for g-sync technology. You’ll love the impressive clarity of  the 24-inch qhd display for gaming with close to two times more screen details than typical full hd screens at a beautiful 2560 x 1440 resolution. The flicker-free display protects your eyes from strain even during long use and with numerous preset modes.


You’ll be able to pick a profile that suits your favorite gaming genre. You’ll find the heavy duty adjustable stand lets you freely and easily adjust the angle and height of your monitor. With full rotation capabilities for the optimal setup that matches you the best without any unnecessary wobbling or other stability issues. What you’ll love most though is the incredible nvidia g-sync. Which takes full advantage of the dell’s fantastic 165 hertz refresh rate to work with your pc’s graphics card to bring fantastic no lag input across the entire screen. For an impressive panel response time of one millisecond across the monitor. So you’ll enjoy smoother and clearer gameplay.

Dell S2417DG Features:

The key features are display inch 2560×1440 qhd led display with a 165 hertz refresh rate. Stand fully adjustable, free rotation stand with height and tilt adjustment.

Pros about Dell S2417DG:

  • G-sync (nvidia g-sync technology for incredible no lag one millisecond panel response time).
  • Price (fantastic low price for a g-sync capable monitor).
  • Flicker-free (flicker-free display for reduced eye strain during play).
  • Profiles (loaded with preset gaming genre profiles for customized and optimized gaming brightness and colors).

Cons on Dell S2417DG:

  • Input( input options are limited).

Verdict:(Dell S2417DG)

If you’re on a budget and looking for an entry-level g-sync monitor then the dell Dell S2417DG gaming monitor 24-inch is one of the cheapest with decent visuals a great refresh rate and nvidia g-sync all for a great low price making it one of your best affordable options.


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