Asus PG35VQ G-sync Curved HDR Gaming Monitor Review

Asus PG35VQ

Hey guys in this review we’re going to be checking best g-sync monitor you can buy right now i made this review based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve reviewed it based on performance features and price. Lets get started review on Asus PG35VQ.

Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ 35”

The asus rog swift pg35vq 35-inch this is our best premium g-sync  ultimate monitor. If  you’re a hardcore gamer looking for one of the best g-sync monitors around that will give you premium performance with insane refresh rates. Then the asus rog swift pg35vq 35 inch is one of the best options for you.

Description:(Asus PG35VQ)

The swift is a premium monitor that provides some of  the best refresh rates on the market with a gorgeous ultra wide display that makes the most of nvidia’s g-sync ultimate technology to deliver incredible gaming performance. You’ll be amazed by the impressive 35-inch uw-qhd display providing immersive panoramic views that bring you right into your favorite games. Quantum dot technology you’re getting the cinema standard dci p3 color gamut for rich realistic colors and smoother gradation across the entire screen.


You’ll love the incredible 200hz refresh rate supporting the very highest frame rates during intensive gaming. And with response times as little as two milliseconds for instant reactions. The g-sync ultimate technology delivers incredible realism and hdr for even further improved colors and across the entire screen at once. Screen tearing ghosting and stuttering are things of the past. You’ll find the ergonomic stand lets you easily adjust the monitor’s height tilt and swivel. So you can stay comfortable without missing a second of  the action.

Features of Asus PG35VQ:

The key features are display 35 inch 3440 x 1440 uw qhd curved hdr display with a 200 hertz refresh rate. Stand fully adjustable ergonomic stand with height  tilt and swivel adjustments as well as cable management.

Pros about Asus PG35VQ:

  • G-sync (ultimate top-of-the-line g-sync capabilities with enhanced performance across the board).
  • Aurasync (customizable rgb lights on the base and rear side of the monitor).
  • Quantum dots (qd technology provides incredible colors across the dci p3 color gamut).
  • Noise (smart fan control keeps your monitor from overheating and keeps noise low during use).
  • Eye fatigue (asus eye care technology reduces eye fatigue).

Cons on Asus PG35VQ:

  • Expensive (it’s a premium monitor with g-sync ultimate that sets itself apart from most gaming monitors).

Verdict:(Asus PG35VQ)

If you’re looking for one of the best g-sync monitors available. Then the premium asus rog swift pg35vq 35-inch is definitely worth checking out with an insane 200hz refresh rate a gorgeous ultra wide monitor. It features g-sync ultimate making it one of the best choices for you for the ultimate gaming experience.


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